How To Compare Two Lists Of Calculated Data Virtually – Advanced DAX Technique

What if you want to find out which customers made a purchase at the same time frame this year and the past year? Or you want to find out which customers you need to send out marketing materials to because they did not come back this year?

This is what I will be showing you in this video. You will learn the advanced table functions I will be using to compare two lists of calculated data virtually to get insights on returning customers and customers who did not return at the same time this year.

This is a useful technique and I hope you enjoy this one.

***** Video Details *****

2:10 calculating Total Customers using COUNTROWS
4:07 calculating last year’s Customers by changing the context of the table using CALCULATETABLE
4:53 changing the time frame using DATESBETWEEN
5:38 comparing customers at current and past year using INTERSECT function

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