Influenza Vaccines and Data Science in Biology

Watch this video to find out more about Influenza vaccines and the role of data science in biology…or read the article!

Data science plays a key role in the selection of influenza vaccines. In fact, it is an actual real-life application of modern data science techniques that improves lives these days.

For starters, we are going to talk about viruses (the non-computer kind), about influenza, and how the first vaccine was invented. We’ll then discuss some data science techniques and tools for analyzing biological data. In addition, we’ll also talk about one of the fundamental visualization techniques for genome data: phylogenetic trees. We’ll see how trees can be implemented when predicting changes in influenza and modeling future behavior of viruses. By the end of this video you’ll even learn about platforms, where you can store and analyze gene data or why not your own genome if you’ve got it.

Enjoy watching!

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