Skills Needed to Become a Data Scientist in 2020

‘Data Scientist’ is one of the fastest-growing jobs in recent years. It’s an exciting and highly paid career, that presents you with tons of opportunities for development. So, what are the skills you need to become a data scientist in 2020? 👇🏻GET SPECIAL OFFER for the Complete Data Science Training 👇🏻

We’ve been doing this research for 3 years now, and in this video, we’ll share the top skills that will make you successful in this super-competitive field.

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In 2020, our study portrays a data scientist’s collective image as a male (71%), who is bilingual, has been in the workforce for 8.5 years (3.5 years of which has worked as a data scientist). He or she works with Python and/or R and has a Master’s degree.

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You can’t become a data scientist without a strong programming skillset. And in 2020, general-purpose languages are used more extensively by data scientists than ever before.

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According to our own annual research, 74% of current data scientists are proficient in Python, 56% use R, and 51% – SQL.

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If you know that you want to become a data scientist, it will be beneficial to study the career path of others who have taken the data scientist career path and learn from their experience. We hope that this video was useful and will guide you in the right direction if you decide to pursue a data scientist career path!

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